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Families who have a problem in paying their emergency bills should have a fast and reliable assistance. Here at BRU Foundation, we make sure each family has a full assistance or support in paying their emergency bills such as electric, water, mortgage, rental payments and much more. We exert great effort in making sure all your payment needs are fully taken care

With the assistance of Bricks R Us, Inc. we do the best we can in giving these services to children and their families:

Assisting the Payment of Emergency Bills

Since 2010, we are doing great in assisting families in paying their emergency bills. We give families an extra push or money to pay these bills and we make sure it is in a fast way. Our volunteer staff is dedicated to performing great service to ensure families would have the comfort and convenience in living in their homes.

Making a close association with organizations, we exert full effort to ensure your payment goes directly to the company wherein you are going to pay the bill. This adds to the security we are offering. We take time in giving you the resources to pay your bills but also the guarantee of making sure the emergency bill is paid in a systematic way possible.

Raising Donations

Our focus is on the welfare of the child or children of the family. We make sure they have an easy and comfortable life. One of the best ways to do this is making sure they have light or water inside the house. We do the best we can in raising donations to ensure the best service is given to the family of the child and children. Hence, there is a full guarantee the life of the child would be happy and convenient.

Aside from the money raised in the donations would only be used to the pay the emergency bills of families who have a child under the age of 16 years old. In addition, one member of the family should be employed.

Volunteer to Guarantee Support and Service

With the help of Bricks R Us, Inc. we do a great volunteer work in giving you a fast solution to your problems. The staff we have is dedicated and expert in making sure you have the right money to your bills. With a long line of experience, you have a full guarantee of having the best service you can get.

We do our volunteer work in the best and reliable manner as possible. We make sure to give you a fast and honest payment of the emergency bills. By connecting with organizations that would also provide a big help in the payment process, we give you a full guarantee of making your child and family live comfortably by securing all the bills are paid on time.

With the commitment and expertise of BRU Foundation, every child and family would have no problem of payment of emergency bills. Each service we have would not only solve the problem but most of all offer you the satisfaction you need. Here at can always expect the best service in the best possible way.

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