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What are the emergency bills that the company handles?

Serving our target people for years, we are able to handle a wide array of emergency bills. From mortgage payments, water bills, rent, electrical utility company to other utilities, you can count on us a lot. We partner with reputable local agencies in order to determine the families who need help to deal with some of their emergency bills. We will try our very best to reach out families who need us the most. Helping you has been our commitment and passion.

Who doesn’t qualify?

These days, there are a broad range of charitable organizations with a goal to help different groups. If you do not qualify at BRU Foundation, there is another charitable group that best suits your situation. Below are a few groups who do not fit to our requirements or qualifications.

  • • Families without any employed member.
  • • Families with older children [17 years and above].
  • • Single persons
  • • Relatives of friends of the team members of BRU Foundations

Aside from helping families, where does the BRU Foundation use every donation?

All donations from people will be allotted in helping families. We do not use them for our sake. As a matter of fact, Bricks R Us, Inc. is the one that covers office space, postage, office supplies, salaries, and much more. When you are willing to help us achieve our goal, BRU Foundation is a trusted and reputable organization. Rest assured that 100% of donations will be given to struggling families.

What is the donation process?

When planning to donate any amount, you only have to give us a call at [phone number] for more information. We have a team who are ready, glad, and eager to assist you. Whether or not you have a lot of questions, contacting us will be the easiest solution. Be one of our partners and have a fulfilling as well as enjoying life.

What is the main focus of the BRU Foundation?

Nowadays, there are many charitable organizations. There are some that deals with HIV awareness. There are also a few who focus on promoting education. At BRU Foundation, we are committed to help families with one of more children [16 years of age and below] and at least one employed member. This is our endeavor to lessen the rate of homeless families and those households who struggle a lot in paying their emergency bills.

What industry does BRU Foundation engage in?

Aside from giving back, we provide sturdy and quality products in the brick industry. As a matter of fact, we have various services such as concrete bricks, clay bricks, tiles souvenir bricks, donor bricks, and a lot more. We are a high-end provider of bricks you can depend on. Be one of our valuable clients today and have a durable or long-lasting investment.

Other Information

We determine struggling families with the help of local agencies. Once we have a reliable list, we make sure that checks will be directly given to companies, including mortgage company, water utility company, etc.

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