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Emergency Bills: Best Practices in Handling Your Bills Properly

When you move inti your new house or apartment, you may have to pay for emergency bills such as water utility company, electrical utility company, rental payments, and more. And paying these on time is quite important. If you short for money, there are always best ways to control your bills and handle all the tough situations in keeping your utilities on.

Getting Utility Services

In case that you moved into a home or apartment where somebody else is paying your emergency bills for electricity, water or gas, you need to apply for these type of services. You can apply for these through phone, online or in person and applying for these is applying for credit.

Paying for Deposit

Being a new utility customer or having a poor payment history, the utility company might require for payment for the deposit or letter of guarantee. This company policy in requiring for deposit or letter of guarantee is similar for all the customers.

Unpaid Emergency Bills

In some cases, you may forget to pay your bills or you skip out paying altogether after moving to the unit. Regardless of the situation, most of the utility companies will hold you for the responsibility in paying the bills. Generally, the companies will only offer service to the rental properties under an agreement that the owner will pay for the missed payments. So, it will be practical for the owners to have a lease agreement between the tenants stating that there are responsible paying the utility services.

Problems in Paying Emergency Bills – Know What to Do

Important expense such as mortgage or rentals and utilities should be your top priority in managing your budget efficiently. In case that you are the one who is responsible for the payment, you have to contact the utility company to identify if they can provide you a payment arrangement until you can be current on the bill. In making payment arrangements, you have to be aware with the following:

  • • If you fail to pay as agreed can result to service disconnection and then utility not honoring any future arrangements need to make it again.
  • • The company may require for payments for the future bills on time and in full payment while paying your previous due balance.
  • • Determine the company’s policy for the late payments to credit the bureaus when your payment arrangement takes place.

How to Lower Your Emergency Bills

During severe temperature months, half of your emergency bills are coming from cooling or heating your home. Here’s how you can save money:

  • • Look for the utility companies’ budget billing plan allowing you to pay flat fee every month for the services.
  • • Take advantage of the utility companies’ tips in conserving energy, water and gas.
  • • Consider energy audit that involves determining where you are wasting the utility services.
  • • Consider state consumer protection agency where you many find tips in conserving energy.

When having trouble paying emergency bills, fortunately BRU Foundation will assist you in handling and paying these bills. They aim to help working families having emergency bills to have comfortable life despite of the inability to pay their current bills..

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